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About Trimbex Token

Trimbex Token

The entire premise behind crypto currencies and blockchain technology was to create a universal, democratic system where everyone can participate without any restrictions. Decentralization ensures that no single person or an entity is entitled to control the ecosystem and from one side we see and accept the progressive role of digital technologies in the modern world.

From the other side we understand not everyone has access to it, looking into this we decided to develop a unique ecosystem for everyone where a normal person can take the advantage of this digitization to make his life better. TRIMBEX is a project to build an integrated infrastructure based on ecosystem resources and will gradually open to the blockchain industry. TRIMBEX is committed to being the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, building a complete ecosystem of technology development.

Trimbex Token Plateform

No risk - Trimbex Token is different from other platforms, transactions are processed in a blockchain by a smart contract and cannot be changed or stopped even by the creators.

Transfers go directly to participants' personal wallets with no hidden fees or use of third-party resources. Which means that every reward earned belongs entirely to the individual and can be used immediately.

Instant payments via smart contract to
your wallet

100% of the turnover becomes the income of the participants

A community where each other helps to make money, and the distribution of capital is clear and fair

Road Map

Our Strategy & Roadmap

Trimbex Token Allocation

Total Supply 3M (30,00000)

  • 30% Marketing & pramotion
  • 20%Burn
  • 20%Development
  • 10%Community&Trust
  • 10%Airdrop
  • 5%Legal
  • 5%Charity

Frequently asked Question

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  • Why Trimbex Token is a better option?

    You don't need to depend on the market situation, you get the asset itself, not just catching an exchange rate difference based on the price movements. You can never get liquidated or get your positions expired, your participation in the marketing is recorded forever

  • Is Trimbex Token safe?

    Trimbex Token website is just an interface for a convenient use of the smart-contract. All your data is recorded in the blockchain and completely secure. You can also interact with the smart contract directly, without a website interface. But in order to avoid phishing websites, we always recommend double checking the website address spelling — aimuniverse.net

  • Where can I go for help?

    You can learn more about Trimbex Token and how it works in the Trimbex Token Community and Partners. You can also go through with the Trimbex Token Business Plan. To get full access to all the materials, you have to sign up on the website.

How do I start earning with the Trimbex Token?


Create a wallet and fund it with TRIM and a little Matic (to pay transaction fees). Trimbex Token works with MetaMask and Trust Wallet.


Register on the site.If someone invited you, use their referral link. Check that your upline is correct.


Activate levels in Trimbex Token systems to increase your income. Each system has a different number of levels.